Bodyweight Exercise Side planks 400
Bodyweight Exercise Pushup with Dog Added

Bodyweight Exercises Are Among The Best You Can Do

And one of the best bodyweight exercises is the pushup, exercising as it does the entire upper body, including shoulders, pectorals, biceps, triceps and lats. Even your abs get a workout from holding your core firm while you raise and lower your body.

Most people can do a few pushups but even if you can only do one, you can do 50 or even 100. All you need is a plan to follow.

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No Equipment Needed

Plank Exercise for Six Pack Abs

The Plank is One of the Best Exercises for 6 Pack Abs

Clearly, one of the the big advantages of bodyweight training is that it doesn’t require any equipment or tools, although there are some items that can help you to get more from your training, such as a pull up bar.

However, this still isn’t a requirement and you can get away without one. Even if you do go for a pull up bar, this is something that can fit into your door frame and that won’t set you back more than $5 or so.

This right away is something that gives bodyweight training a big advantage. It means that you don’t have to spend any cash to get started with it and it means that you can do it anywhere. A lot of people like to use bodyweight training when visiting hotels and other places they can stay and you can even do this kind of training when you’re camping!

Get Started in Your Own Home Now

Bodyweight Exercise Side planks

The Side Plank for the Oblique Ab Muscles

But this also makes it much easier to get started in your own home. Many of us can’t afford to invest in expensive gym equipment like bench presses or squat racks and most of us don’t have the room anyway.

Then there’s the fact that having lots of equipment means it’s actually quite a lot of work in order to start training. If you’re going to be using dumbbells, barbells, a bench, kettlebells etc. then you’re going to have get all of that equipment out and set it up to use. That might not sound like a big deal but if you live in a small space it can involve quite a lot of work and it can add 10 minutes to your training. Bearing in mind that you need to pack it away again, this can be the difference between a quick, spontaneous workout or not having time to train at all.

With bodyweight training, there’s nothing stopping you from getting a quick 5 minute workout in even when you’re waiting at the bus stop. This is a really great way to train as it means you’re no longer spending most of your day sedentary and going all-out for just one hour. Using bodyweight training we can be much more tactical and versatile in the way we train and when we train.

Bodyweight Exercises for Weight Loss and Fitness

But what bodyweight does better than any other type of exercise is to help you build a powerful ‘strength to weight ratio’. This basically means that you can become very strong without gaining a lot of extra weight.

In fact, if you need to lose weight, bodyweight training will help by increasing your metabolic burn. This is because bodyweight training is very active. The very nature of it means that you’re using your whole body when you do that kind of training and that means that your heart rate goes up, you burn more fat and you improve your energy levels.

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