Welcome to your Best Health Blueprint. Here you will find many, many resources to help you achieve a fit, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle.

At 76, I weigh the same as I did when I was an 18 year old athlete at school, almost 60 years ago. I weigh 68 kg or 150 lb and still have the same 77 cm or 30 in waist. My BMI is 22.5.

I can bench press 80 kg or 176 lb, which is a fair bit more than my own body weight. I can hold a 5 minute plank and do one hundred and ten pushups in one go.

I enjoy 100 km or 62.5 mile bike rides for fun. I can generally out sprint and out climb cyclists half my age.

The only reason I have a doctor is that I needed her name for completing some online forms. Otherwise, I don't go to a doctor because I never get sick. Literally. No colds, no flu, no tummy upsets.

I take no drugs, prescribed or over the counter.

My mother lived to 102, and then decided that she didn't need to live any longer and passed away peacefully in her sleep. There was no specific cause of death.

These are my qualifications to advise anyone on how they can stay fit and healthy as they age and to hear that wonderful statement from others "OMG, you can't really be 76 (or whatever)."

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